Monday, August 14, 2017

It Comes in Waves

I am so fortunate to have some wonderful friends who like to get artsy when we are on holidays together  :)  I was able to create this piece recently while I was visiting with these sweethearts this summer.  It is acrylic, plaster and torn paper on a 90 year old cedar shake.  I love the colors and the texture  :)  Hopefully it will soon find a home in support of SEVA.  Thanks for taking a peek!

Cinnamon Girl

I have recently finished this acrylic and plaster painting and will be selling it in support of SEVA.  I love how the texture turned out!  Thanks for looking  :)

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Deerly Beloved

This is the largest painting I have ever done.  It is 12" x 36" and is painted on a canvas that my son gave me.  I really struggled with this piece because of the plaster outline I laid down as a base-- my proportions were all off and I had to fight with her face every step of the way  :)  I am pleased with how she has turned out and will offer her for sale in support of SEVA.  If you get a chance, please check out this organization and the great work they do.  Thanks for having a peek  :)

A Handle on Love (I)

I have created several rustic wooden box luminaries and have them for sale in my etsy shop in support of SEVA.  Thanks for dropping by  :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Hereafter Helga-- A Portrait

Time for some Halloween fun!  This paperclay piece is mounted on a silver-plated candle dish and can either be hung or lie flat.  I am hoping she will soon find a home in support of one of these charities-- SEVA or Medical Mercy.

Medical Mercy is a local charity which provides support to people in developing countries.  I have just made a large donation of artwork to this wonderful charity, as a fundraiser for their fall gala.  I am happy to support their efforts in the future as well.  People who purchase my artwork can tell me which charity they prefer to support, and the proceeds will be designated as instructed.  Thank you so much for dropping by  :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Crows to My Heart (I)

A little play on words for this paperclay and handmade wooden heart ornie  :)  I was sending wishes to a dear friend I hold close, whose mother is battling cancer, as I was making this piece.  Hoping it finds a home in support of SEVA!  Thanks for stopping by  :)

Self Infammatory

I really love the texture in this piece  :)  Many layers of acrylic paint built up over a gel and crackle medium base, then finished with alcohol ink   It is looking for a home in support of the charity SEVA  :)